• Marius Wlassak

    Zintro Expert at Zintro //
    Founder & Owner of MWGBC & OR2 EUROPE

  • Master of Science (Dipl.ENG. univ) in Machine Building Technologies
    Development & Business Consulting, Marketing, New Energy Systems, Networking, Financial Hosting & Barter Services




    "Adopting the best that has been done before us, learning from the mistakes of others, we create the most efficient, safe and reliable transport system of all that ever existed."

    Agent / Partner / Consultant

    Future Transports and Investments

    * since 2016


    >>> The Nr. 1 Project <<<


    Skyway Technology latest NEWS:

    The main objective of the draft project is to create a new generation transport network based on skyway technologies and on the development of the engineering school of A. E. Yunitsky.

    🚀 Skyway is a complete automation, high-speed movement of passengers and cargo, low costs for construction of highways irrespective of climate and terrain, cost-effectiveness, safety and green.

    🌈 we announce the launch of the first version of the site:
    www.transnet.io is the official website of transnet, a decentralized blockchain platform for transport and infrastructure projects.

    🌍 Platform Transnet
    Autonomous Heavy Blockchain-based open source system designed to launch and operate transport & infrastructure projects of any scale..

    The russian platform: https://transnet.io/ru/


    ENTRANCE to the project and invest via SkyWay website: https://new.skyway.capital/auth/registration?partner_id=270113


    ✨ "more eloquent than any words of the company's work are real actions" ...



    since 2015 - Present
    Sales & Communication Management


    Zintro Expert

    – Present


    consulting on different themes and areas



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    using the best marketing system ever created

    Marius Wlassak Global Business Connection - MWGBC

    Marius Wlassak Global Business Connection - MWGBC


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    On & Offline Sales, Business Development & Networking.
    B2B , B2C & M2C exclusive consulting & offers.
    Visit us @ DOOID



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    business and social marketing

    BMW Group

    BMW Group AG. in Munich

    Test Engineer

    – Oct. 2011


    Developing and testing BMW Connected Services & Telematics for BMW 3,5,7 & X-series

    Life Secrets

    Life Secrets


    – Present



    Exclusive Health Products & Weight Management


    – present





    Member MWGBC

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    business networking




    – Present


    business networking


    DORNIER Aircraft Industry

    Engineer - Developer - CATIA design

    – Sep. 1993


    All kind of utilities and machine developments for the different aircrafts

    KADE GmbH

    Engineer - Robotics

    – Sep. 1990


    Developing different robots for automation. Machine uilding industry and also micro-mechanics and optical-measurement techniques.


    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.


    Product Development

    Digital Marketing

    Sales Operations



    Marketing Strategy


    Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca

    Master of Science in MBT - Dipl.ENG. 1987 1982 - 1987

    studying Mechanical Engineering

    Activities: Brainstorming Roundtable : Future technologies & implemention methods - discussion team


    “It has been my pleasure to be a friend of Marius. He is truly and inspiring individual and a wealth of knowledge. A true leader.”

    Nuno Manuel Gavina Couto
    Strategic Web Services Writer (Strategy & Self Branding) / Radio Producer / Support at ISS Facility Services - Norway

    I highly recommend Marius as a highly professional with an business that offers very interesting opportunities to make real money - Furthermore, besides outstanding professional past, he reveals truly qualities of entrepreneurship and business ethic; I'm also proud to be part of his business contacts.

    Robert Garavito
    CEO Founder at ROCA Global

    We first teamed up with MWGBC in 2008 as we expanded in to Europe. Marius inventive, out of the box ideas and implementation are first class. To this day MWGBC is a valuable partner , what a honor and a privilege to have Marius as a friend and business partner.

    Robert Garavito
    ROCA Global

    Visitor from Space:

    Calling Marius an enthusiast is diminushing his enthusiasm on doing things.

    Detail accurate, long lasting self motivation and capacity to take to a good end a task no matter what, even when the others gave up, this makes out of Marius an excellent collaborator, creative and hard working.

    Besides he never fails to surprise me with some solution that nobody thought of, but it works just great.

    His warehouse of contacts, solutions and ideas seems to tend towards the infinite sometimes.

    I would definitely reccomend him for any serious project. I count on him right now!

    Any question or request will be reviewed.
    The response will reach you latest after 96 hours. 100%

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